What is a border? An obstacle, an idea, but above all, an effect.


And what, you might ask, is a Borderski?

A dream, an epic journey, a word that doesn't actually exist....

...also an all-woman ski traverse of the eastern Pamir mountainsthe "Roof of the World"where Tajikistan, Afghanistan, China, and Kyrgyzstan bump edges.

The goal of this 2015 expedition was to document the impact of fences on migratory wildlife, particularly Marco Polo sheep, and to inspire others to think beyond borders, whatever shape they take.

You can check out a 3-min film teaser herephotos from the adventure here and read about it on Facebook here. A documentary film is in the works, so stay tuned...



Borderwhat? Who? Why? Here you can read about our mission, methods, and madness for all things mountains and Marco Polo sheep.

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Under post-production now is a documentary film that explores the shapeshifting nature of borders through a ski expedition to Pamir mountains, where wild sheep and local communities are increasingly circumscribed by fences. Check out the 3-min teaser!


Rebecca Haspel, Kate Harris, and Alison Criscitiello: the Borderski trio, aka Fanny Pack, seen here sunburnt and euphoric after chasing Marco Polo sheep through the Pamir mountains.

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